I am BACK!

It’s been a rough few years. I had to step away and take a break from something I loved so much. At times, I didn’t know if I would pick it back up again. Between a rough heartbreak and a very intense health battle, I’ve been searching for happiness. I’ve done a few shoots here and there for close friends and family and I’ve loved them. But after my last shoot, along with lots of prayer, I feel the spark. I feel the overwhelming joy I used to get. It’s back. And holy cow it feels so good. I’ve missed y’all. I’ve missed people. I’ve missed making women feel absolutely gorgeous and confident. Man, can I relate to that more now than ever. After the last few years my confidence and body image has struggled. I’ve struggled with my purpose and passions. I’ve realized it’s to love on y’all, to show y’all how gorgeous and amazing each of you are. To share my creativity. To share my love and light. To celebrate your wins in life- babies, engagements, love, happiness. Because these things are so special. After over 11 years, many of my clients have turned in to family. Photographing you and your families means so much to me and I’m so excited that I am ready to start booking sessions in Northwest Arkansas! My schedule is open and flexible. I would love to get you scheduled!

With lots of love,

Kayla Marie Photography <3